About Janet Rubin Fields

Janet Rubin Fields is a full time neutral with Judicate West and has successfully mediated thousands of civil and commercial disputes which has earned her a reputation for being an active and empathetic listener who uses her knowledge and energy to entrench herself in every case.

Since 1999, Janet has mediated and resolved thousands of cases. Her view is that every dispute is different and while the law and the facts may be similar, it’s the parties who make each mediation unique. She thoroughly prepares for each case and her enthusiasm and optimism to achieve a resolution is apparent. She is known for her unwavering commitment as she will follow up with the parties for as long as it takes, whether it is weeks, months or even years later, constantly offering new and creative solutions in order to obtain a settlement. When she's not mediating, Janet enjoys helicopter skiing, cooking, music including rock n’ roll, country and jazz, and is a collector of wine and salt & pepper shakers.

one of the first female attorneys to make an impact in the field of adr

Expert Neutral.
Former Trial Attorney and Arbitrator.
20   Years Experience.

Legal Career And Experience

  • Mediator (1999 to present)
  • Arbitrator (1990 to 2009)
  • Trial Attorney specializing in professional liability, understanding the merits of the underlying case in legal malpractice, defense and plaintiff
  • Trial Attorney representing plaintiffs in serious injury, insurance, employment, real estate, business, and commercial litigation

Professional Affiliations And Education

  • Judicate West: State Wide
  • International Academy of Mediators, Fellow and Board of Governors
  • American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • J.D., Empire College of Law, Santa Rosa, California
  • B.A., Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California
  • Pepperdine University, School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, “Masters in Mediation”
  • Former Board of Trustees Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House
  • Vice-Chair, Board of Directors - New Directions for Youth - A Non Profit Charity for At Risk Kids and Families

6000 Cases

Best Lawyers in America

Top Neutrals in CA

Mediator of the Year

Top Rated ADR Attorney

Hall of Fame Mediator


credibility and Compassion

"Janet has facilitated in settling a number of small and significant cases where I have represented Plaintiff or Defendant. She explains the risks with credibility and compassion and is adept at communicating with parties and insurance companies."

"I select Janet on cases that have many different and difficult dynamics. The issues are usually complex with multiple layers of insurance, many different personalities and knowing that these cases are hard to settle in one session, I need a mediator who will stick with it. Janet has a proven track record and gets it done!"

"Janet Rubin Fields is always on top of her game. When the case hasn’t resolved at the Mediation, she follows up and is persistent until the case resolves whether through continued negotiation or a Mediator’s Proposal. She thinks outside the box, is genuine in her approach, and works harder than any other mediator in the industry."

proven track record

Genuine in her approach

Janet recognizes that disputes are about people, and she gets the human element. 

"I have used Janet Fields as a mediator many times over the last several years with outstanding results. She brings not only years of experience to every proceeding, but more importantly, brings her own humanity as well. She builds trust with both sides while easing the parties toward the possibility of a resolution. In most instances, that trust becomes the foundation for resolving the case. Janet never forgets that behind every case are ultimately people. Her ability to establish rapport with people first, gives her the edge as a mediator and distinguishes her above others as a premier problem solver."

Premier Problem Solver

Most Effective Mediator

"As part of the litigation department of a major automobile insurance company, I have the opportunity to meet many different neutrals each month. In my opinion, Ms. Fields is the most effective. She is prepared and knowledgeable before each session and every case appears to be a challenge. Her determination to bring the parties together in a professional manner is unmatched. I have yet to see a neutral work as hard as she does to bring a case to resolution on a constant basis."

"I have used Janet Rubin Fields as a mediator for many of our cases during the past few years. She is always at the top of our pick list and I have never had a problem with opposing counsel not approving her as a mediator. I have found her to be an exceptionally objective and hardworking mediator. She works tirelessly to resolve a case and is an expert at bringing all parties together. She works cases not just at the scheduled mediation, but afterwards as well, keeping us constantly in the loop and continuing to try to settle our cases via phone and email (even after hours and on weekends). She always goes the extra mile."

"I have numerous mediations and arbitrations each month. Janet has handled numerous first and third party cases for me over the past 5 years and has resolved almost every single one. She is a professional mediator in style, demeanor and technique. Her knowledge of the law and dispute resolution techniques is second to none. Her ability to bring the sides together in settlement is unparalleled. Her mediation services have been of great benefit to my firm and to our clients."

Goes the Extra Mile


"Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Janet Fields on numerous complex personal injury matters and some which are not so difficult, nevertheless the parties have strong differences of opinion as to settlement value; she works tirelessly in effort to bring the parties together. Janet realizes the economic realities of trying a case in today’s world of litigation and she has a keen eye for what is credible evidence and what is not. We are eager to accept her as a Mediator at every opportunity because we know that she brings experience, professionalism, and case preparation to each mediation. If the parties are willing to mediate their case, then they have good reason to expect that Janet Fields will get their matter amicably resolved."

works tirelessly in effort to bring the parties together

Over the last year, I have personally had the opportunity to have Ms. Fields mediate nine cases. She has resolved them all.

professional, cordial, and always prepared

"I have known Ms. Fields for several years, and I have utilized her mediation services on at least a dozen occasions. Each time, she has successfully mediated the case to resolution. The cases generally involve complex employment issues, with passion and emotions expressed on both sides of the dispute. Ms. Fields is professional, cordial, and always prepared. She understands the nuances of settlement, and knows how to approach each dispute based on the specific facts and issues involved; i.e., she does not employ the same artificial roadmap to achieve settlement. Instead, she adopts and as necessary adapts her skills toward the goal of mutual trust and, ultimately, acceptance of her opinions, which is precisely why her services are engaged by both plaintiff’s and defense counsel alike."

"Janet has a knack for listening to the clients concerns rather then dictating what she thinks should happen. She incorporates economics and considers the needs of all sides working and guiding them toward settlement by asking the really important questions. All feel comfortable settling because Janet empowers parties to decide on their own accord, not because they are pressured into it."

Empowers parties

Mediation Practice Areas

Professional Liability

Complex Multiparty Cases



Business Litigation

insurance bad faith

Homeowners Associations

Insurance coverage

Products Liability

Sexual Assault, Harassment and Abuse

Serious Injury

Fee Disputes

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Real estate litigation

Real Estate Litigation

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