Tort – High School Football Injury

A high school football player practicing for the position of linebacker went head-to-head with opposing player, fell to the ground knocked unconscious, rushed for care and despite surgeries permanently quadriplegic. Plaintiff’s damages included past medical costs of $684,000 and a life care plan of $9 million. Plaintiff, who had a fantastic positive attitude and views his life as a “new normal” sued the high school and his coaches alleging they breached their duty to ensure he had proper protective equipment, training and technique, and played him at a position where he had no training or experience. There was no log or record kept on what equipment was provided a player each season. The helmet company manufacture was sued for defective design. The helmet company opposed liability attesting to the state-of-the-art helmet used at all skill levels including the NFL; sufficient warnings were provided. Defenses by all defendants also included the waiver signed by Plaintiff which he acknowledged competitive athletics may result in paralysis or death. Preserving the integrity of all concerned, the case settled for a confidential amount.

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