Legal Malpractice – Elder Abuse

Defendant Attorney is alleged to have converted hundreds of thousands of dollars of his client’s money through various means. Client turned Plaintiff age 86 and a widow, sued her attorney for legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and financial elder abuse after discovering her attorney had invested all of her money in a business transaction involving convicted felons where he had a financial interest. Allegations were Attorney convinced Plaintiff to sell her home to pay business debts, paid himself a commission and had the proceeds from escrow paid into his law firm trust account to pay his own business debts and that Attorney also lent himself money as a bridge loan, which was ultimately paid back. Attorney asserted no liability and allegations were based on hindsight information, with a summary judgment motion pending argued statute of limitations time barring any cause of action. Coverage issues abound the intentional act allegations. With the parties motivated and exhausted the case settled in the high six figures.

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